Big Brother (UK) Special

14 November Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Big Brother (UK) Special
7th November 2011 - 13th November 2011
The First Series of Big Brother to be shown on Channel 5 came to an end on Friday 11th November 2011. Since I am quite a big fan of Big Brother, I thought I would do a Special week, where all the music videos I review, would be of ex-housemates, who then went on and released a song and music video.

I will be doing it in order of evicted housemates, with the winners last. Also on the 13th November I will be doing a revisit session, as I normally do on a Sunday. So far there has only been one ex-housemate to release two singles or more, and that specific housemate will get the Sunday slot.

I'm looking forward for doing my first special week, and I hope you all will tune in to see what music video's have made my Big Brother week.
Monday - Shabnam - Shout
Tuesday - Chanelle Hayes - I Want It
Wednesday - Lousie Cliffe - Let's Face It
Thursday - Samanda - Barbie Girl
Friday - Nadia Almada - A Little Bit Of Action
Saturday - Channel 5 - When Bruv Takes Over
Sunday - Samanda - Honey Love

So this wraps up our Big Brother Special Week, I wonder if any of the new ex-housemates will release songs and a music video? Well we'll have to wait and see. I hope I do some more specials sometime soon, and I hope you all enjoyed this one. Samanda with "Honey Love" wins the award for best ex-housemate music video as I gave it 4 stars. Everything goes back to normal now, and I hope you will keep checking my blog for my next few posts.