The X Factor (UK) Special

11 September Critic Jonni 0 Comments

The X Factor (UK) Special   
27th August 2012 - 10th September 2012
The X Factor (UK) returned last week for their 9th series, we have had a lot of artists break out from this show over the years and it's about time I take tribute to the many artists, especially since they have been dominating the charts and doing well overseas too.

With an X Factor artist releasing this week, who has come from the 8th series of the X Factor, I couldn't help but do a special. Then an ex-judge is releasing a single next week, and then another 8th Series competitor is releasing the week after. I think one will be knocking the other off the top spot in the coming weeks, so it'll be interesting to see what happens.

So this is what I'm going to do. I am going to start off with today's new release, then for the next 7 music video reviews, I shall be going through each of the series of The X Factor, and reviewing the artist I cheered on from the start of the live finals. If my favourite artist never got a recording contract and ended up not releasing any music videos I shall be looking at the other artists who have recording contracts and choose my favourite from them. Then for the second week, I will be looking at the judges and their releases, as there have only been 6 artist judges, I will be looking at the guest judges, and choosing my favourite for my last judge review.

I hope you all enjoy this special. Over the past week I had thought of many different ways of doing this, but I chose this way as I felt it fitted more with it returning. But my other idea, that has come to mind, may be used near the end of the 9th Series of The X Factor.

New Release: Little Mix - Wings
Series 1: G4 - Bohemian Rhapsody
Series 2: Chico - It's Chico Time
Series 3: Leona Lewis - Collide
Series 4: Same Difference - Shine On Forever (Photo Frame)
Series 5: Ruth Lorenzo - Burn
Series 6: Rachel Adedeji - Follow The DJ
Series 7: Belle Amie - Girls Up
New Release: Cheryl - Under The Sun
Judge: Dannii Minogue - I Begin To Wonder
Judge: Cheryl Cole - Fight For This Love
Judge: Kelly Rowland - When Love Takes Over
Judge: Gary Barlow - Here Comes The Sun
Judge: Tulisa - Live It Up
Judge: Nicole Scherzinger - Don't Hold Your Breath
Guest Judge: Geri Halliwell - Look At Me
New Release: Amelia Lily - You Bring Me Joy

That's the end of The X Factor Special. It's been a long two weeks! Out of the contestants Belle Amie wins best video as I gave it 5*'s and "Girls Up" is really great, as for the judges the winner has to go to Geri Halliwell's "Look At Me" as it's both a narrative and a performance piece and just works well, Nicole Scherzinger comes a close second.

Who knows what's around the corner? I want to change a few things and I've got some good ideas for my next few specials. So be patient and you might be able to know more soon.