Twitter Followers Special

25 March Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Twitter Followers Special
18th March 2013 - 24th March 2013
Since my Twitter follower are going up and up, I have acquired quite a few artist followings. Only last week one artist became my Artist Of The Month, and that is Mandia Nantsios with the singles "Never Again" and "One Last Time". Other followers who have made my blog includes DixonBeats with "Afraid" which includes Dante. I am now a fan of them both, and I reckon a few of my artist followers are just as special. So it's about time I thank them for following me by reviewing them all on my blog.

Unfortunately not all of my artist followers have music videos, but as soon as you do you'll be featured on my blog too. I'm hoping this will interest people into new artists that they wouldn't normally come across, and I know it may not be as special as being one of my Artists Of The Month, but it's always possible that you'll get on there one day.

There is a specific order, the artist who has followed me the longest will be reviewed first.

Monday: Aalvin - Hope For Better
Tuesday: Sylosis - Empyreal
Wednesday: The Dead Famous - Hide Your Halo
Thursday: Bauer - Connected
Friday: Two Weeks Running - Stay Forever
Saturday: Mixtape - Dancing Star
Sunday: Times Red - Just No Good For Me

So that's the end of another special... I don't think I'll be doing another one until May time when Eurovision starts again.

The winner of this special is Times Red with "Just No Good For Me", however I gave out quite a few high ratings.

Since I started this special, I have had quite a few more followers, maybe some have music videos out, so I may just be doing a second Twitter Followers Special in the next 6 months, maybe.

Everything goes back to normal for the next few weeks. And it's Eurovision soon, so it won't be long until I do another special.