Eurovision Song Contest 2014 & 2015

17 June Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Every year that I've done a Eurovision Song Contest special, it has been successful on my blog. However my blog has both been active and inactive since I first started it. I have done blog posts on the years that I was active, but now I feel there is this big hole where these two contests are missing.

So I have decided, every week I will review at least one music video from either of these contests and link it up to this post, so that when the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 comes around we will have all the contests on here from when I first started my first Eurovision Special, up until 2016.

So far I have done

Eurovision 2012
Eurovision 2013
Eurovision 2016

This leaves two years missing, and both had star-studded acts and numbers that are on my iTunes and that I constantly play on my phone now and again as I walk to work. These acts deserve to get mentioned and deserve to be a part of my blog.

This special may end up running alongside another blog special in the future. We'll get to that problem when it arises.

Eurovision 2014
Israel Entry: Mei Finegold - Same Heart
Latvia Entry: Aarzemnieki - Cake To Bake
France Entry: Twin Twin - Moustache
Slovenia Entry: Tinkara Kovač - Round And Round
Italy Entry: Emma - La Mia Città
Greece Entry: Freaky Fortune Feat. RiskyKidd - Rise Up
UK Entry: Molly - Children Of The Universe
Poland Entry: Donatan & CleoMy Słowianie - We Are Slavic
Switzerland Entry: Sebalter - Hunter Of Stars
Romania Entry: Paula Seling & OVI - Miracle
Finland Entry: Softengine - Something Better
Spain Entry: Ruth Lorenzo - Dancing In The Rain
Russia Entry: Tolmachevy Sisters - Shine
Ukraine Entry: Mariya Yaremchuk - Tick-Tock
Hungary Entry: András Kállay-Saunders - Running
Sweden Entry: Sanna Nielsen - Undo
Netherlands Entry: The Common Linnets - Calm After The Storm
Winner: Austria Entry: Conchita Wurst - Rise Like A Phoenix

Eurovision 2015
UK Entry: Electro Velvet - Still In Love With You
Romania Entry: Voltaj - De la Capăt (All Over Again)
Georgia Entry: Nina Sublatti - Warrior
Latvia Entry: Aminata - Love Injected
Belgium Entry: Loïc Nottet - Rhythm Inside
Russia Entry: Polina Gagarina - A Million Voices
Winner: Sweden Entry: Måns Zelmerlöw - Heroes <----- No Music Video :(