#FreeKesha and other similar stories.

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#FreeKesha and other similar stories.
20th February 2016 - 25th February 2016
Kesha Planes Fire & Rescue
by Mingle Media TV (CC BY 2.0)

Kesha has been trending on Twitter today, with lots of artists giving their support to the singer. Kesha sued Dr. Luke in an attempt to get out of her contract as she doesn't want to work with him. She has claimed that he sexually abused her. The judge dismissed her injunction and so Kesha is stuck in a contract that obligates her to make six more albums. She was seen crying as she left the courthouse.

Many artists have been stuck in album contracts, JoJo is the main one that springs to mind, mainly because it's the most recent. JoJo wasn't allowed to released another album and released EPs online instead, until an extensive lawsuit finally went her way and she was free, 2016 looks like it's going to be JoJo's year, and I'm excited to see her career hit off once again.

Many artists in the past has sued against their record label. Most recently Rita Ora has filed a law suit against her label. However, it looks like they've come to an agreement in releasing her. Many artists have won, allowing them to carry on their career in music, under a different label. Not many singers lose, not many have to complete their contract, as far as we all know; whatever happens behind the scenes, might be a different story.

This special looks back on artists that have sued their record label. Most of which, apart from Kesha, have won their case. I wish the best of luck to Kesha, who has major support from, not only her fan base, but also from artists and the rest of the world.

Kesha - We R Who We R
JoJo - André
The LOX - Money, Power & Respect
Rita Ora - Poison

That's my #FreeKesha and other similar stories special finished with. I wish Kesha the best of luck, she's got some more court dates to attend to and it's going to be a long drawn out battle. I also want to say good luck to both parties. As the public, we don't know the whole entire story, and it is possible that what Kesha is saying could be false. However, I am behind Kesha totally because I am an animal (one of Kesha's fans) and I believe that the photos of her crying isn't the look of a liar, she clearly doesn't want to work with Dr. Luke, and as she has mentioned that this is not about negotiating contracts or earning more money, it's about not working with someone who victimised her.

In theory, JoJo is the winner of my music special, because she filed a lawsuit and won, after a long strenuous law battle. She is finally releasing music and proving that she should be an international charting artist. The LOX also won because they too got out of their contract, but they didn't continue to release music.

I hope Kesha and Rita Ora end up being winners too, but we'll see how it all plays out. Kesha's story will not be going out of the media any time soon. She has so much love and support behind her, it's currently a media frenzy and one that will continue until all legal proceedings have finished.